Ecommerce complementarity with physical shopping. Expoka helps your physical shoppers

E-commerce is commerce that is helped by electronic communication mostly on the internet. E-commerce is one type of modernization of commerce. What is commerce? Commerce is the exchange of goods and services, especially on a large scale. Ecommerce businesses have their balance on right hand brick and mortar businesses. Let start with the consumer. If I am a consumer or a buyer I want to buy something, it could be better if I get what I want immediately near me without go fall. The only choice for buying an online shop is when I can’t find the product needed. Always people buy on best deals regardless online or brick-and-mortar shop. When online shopping brings the best deal based on low price, fast delivery, customer quality, popularity.

How e-commerce can enhance brick-and-mortar shopping?

Online shopping provides more details about many products, sellers, and locations of products those things can help consumers to choose where there are best deals even buying on physical shop now using to take some reference information from online shops like technical details about the product they want to purchase. Most use to compare details of the product. An e-commerce shop gives confidence to offline shoppers.

Most global advanced e-commerce retailers companies especially Americans and Chinese like Amazon Inc, Jd Inc, Tmall dot com, and Walmart have helped brick and mortar shoppers by open physical shopping malls which have the same products as online shops. Their customers can browse or search in physical while they are home then come to take it in the shopping mall near for them. I want to show how Ecommerce can increase customers’ awareness about products on the wild market. This occasion has been used by many global brands to make their products be known to more customers.

With eCommerce, customers primarily engage with your brand digitally via site or apps, but secondarily with the delivery experience after purchase. As a result, availability, speed, and convenience all factor into a brand experience. The supply chain now has an elevated role in customer loyalty and life-time-value.

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